New Yorkers reflect on impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico 4 years later

Monday marks four years since one of the deadliest storms ever - Hurricane Maria. The Category 5 hurricane traveled down the coast and struck Puerto Rico wreaking havoc on the island and throughout the Caribbean. Four years later, Puerto Rico’s recovery and reconstruction progress continues.
The memories of surviving Hurricane Maria can never be forgotten, nor can the many lives lost that day. Many New Yorkers felt that pain as well as their families who were in Puerto Rico during the deadly storm and lost everything.
The hurricane brought with it devastating floods, landslides, and massive destruction. The storm wiped out everything from the island's agriculture, power lines, school buildings, homes, hospitals and more. Much of the property that was destroyed has yet to be fixed four years later. The reconstruction comes with a hefty cost totaling to $90 billion in damages.
Many Puerto Rican residents are still living with pain but remain resilient together as they continue their path to recovery.