New YouTube show aims to help people show what they are good at

Brooklyn-based Talent Recap launched a new show on YouTube to help people show what they are good at.

News 12 Staff

Oct 27, 2021, 12:46 AM

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Brooklyn-based Talent Recap is launching a new show on YouTube.
Kristin McQuaid is teaming up with Talent Recap’s Billy Blanks Jr. to launch “Kickin’ It with Kristin." McQuaid will visit different towns and cities with a camera crew to ask people on the street, “What’s your talent?” 
“You at home watching may say I don't have a talent. Everyone has a talent, it's just you may not know what your talent is yet," said McQuaid. 
McQuaid’s message is to be yourself, but not to stop there. 
“You're changing every day. I wasn't the same person yesterday as I am today,” says McQuaid. "You need to be yourself in the moment.” 

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