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News 12 exclusive: 'Billions' actor Dhruv Maheshwari

In the hit TV series 'Billions,' the theme of money, power, and greed on full display.

News 12 Staff

Apr 1, 2022, 5:25 PM

Updated 813 days ago


In the hit TV series 'Billions,' the theme of money, power, and greed on full display.
But among the Wall Street types, one character stands out for his humility and humble nature.
"He's surrounded by these alphas, he’s surrounded by these high money-makers and people like 'Dollar Bill’ and Corey Stoll's character, Michael Prince and and he is not that," star Dhruv Maheshwari says.
“He wants to impress, he wants people to accept him, and I thought ‘OK, I think, I think this world needs that,’" Maheshwari says.
Maheshwari admits he was surprised to find out during the audition that his character would be a reoccurring one.
"I thought I was only supposed to be there for an episode, I remember being at the table read but I remember sitting there next to the casting director who I auditioned for and who said, ‘yeah you're going to be here for a while,’ and I remember just being like 'OK, don't screw this up Dhruv.'"
Dhruv was born in India, but he grew up in Danbury, Connecticut with hard working parents, a supportive sister and strong family values.
"My mom and my dad really showed me like to have resilience, to be determined," Maheshwari says.
For the full sit-down interview with Maheshwari, click here.

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