Nonprofit connects homeless family with foster family to care for dogs

Nonprofit connects homeless family with foster family to care for dogs

A Brooklyn nonprofit is helping a family through an incredibly tough time, making sure some of their family members are taken care of while they get back on their feet.
The non-profit, East New York Dog Lovers, united two families who were strangers less than a week ago.

The families were brought together for their love of dogs. As of Friday, Charlana Walker, her fiancé and five children were homeless and in need of a place for her animals to go. 

Through research and calls to organizations, she found her dogs wouldn’t be able to stay with them at a city shelter, leaving them with the fear they would have to give their dogs away. 

“I constantly kept posting it. I felt that if I held out hope a little longer someone would reach out, and they did,” says Walker.

Maria Ducasse says she founded East New York Dog Lovers for situations exactly like this.

When Ducasse heard Walker’s story, she reached out to Omar James about fostering the four pups for the Walkers during their time in the shelter. He tells News 12 he had to help.

“In the back of my mind, all I’m thinking about is when they get through what they're going through they can reunite with their dogs, and I’m going to do the best I can for them,” says James.

Ginger, Benji, McKenzie and Lady are getting comfortable in their new home in the Bronx.

“It's crazy sitting here watching two full families work together for the better for the dogs lives,” says James.