Non-profit Global Kids sends middle schoolers across NYC to camp for free

Non-profit Global Kids sends middle schoolers across NYC to camp for free

Middle school students around the city are enjoying summer camp thanks to the non-profit organization Global Kids.
The organization gives students the opportunity for some summer fun for free.

"We are a non-profit that specializes in getting our young people ready for the global stage and creating leaders," says program manager Ariel Zitrin.

Global Kids is an educational organization that allows students to learn and develop leadership skills through activities and field trips.

The summer program has locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens and is open to all middle school students across the city.

"It helps us prepare for life a little bit more so we can help out the community when we get a little bit older. Not too many people get the opportunity to be a part of this program, but it's a very good thing that you're able to do it and you learn a lot from it," says Alcher Ferguson, a student.

Global Kids is still accepting students right now.

"Summer Camp is very expensive. There are very few summer camps - I don't really know any other than Global kids that are completely free to anyone in the community, as long as you reach our age range and contract requirements," says Zitrin.

Students who attend the program yearly say it gives them the tools to grow.

"It will help me in the future because that means when I get older I will carry all the information they've given me and continue to make the world a better place," says Doline Dieudonne, a student.

The summer program runs through Aug. 2.