Nonprofit prepares to help Puerto Rico in wake of Fiona's devastation

Relief efforts are underway locally for Puerto Rico which is without power after Hurricane Fiona made landfall Sunday afternoon.
The storm caused a great deal of concern among New Yorkers with familial ties to the island.
While the storm is not here in New York, the local Puerto Rican community is feeling the impacts as they watch this disaster unfold and speak with loved ones who are in the hurricane's path.
Video from Puerto Rico captured the conditions in the island as Fiona caused landslides, knocked out the power grid and prompted many evacuations.
Video also captured the moment in which Fiona washed away a temporary bridge in Utuado, which was installed after Hurricane Maria's impact in 2017.
News 12 spoke with Your Network Caring Community Advocates, better known as YNCCA. It's a New York-based nonprofit that is already seeking donations to send down to the island.
Here at home, YNCCA said there's a huge need for battery and solar-operated equipment.
It is also coordinating efforts to collect rescue supplies and medical devices that don't require power.
The group will be releasing several drop off locations around the tristate area in the coming days.
YNCCA's Honorable Darma V. Diaz said the nonprofit needs all the help that it can get.
"We're asking anyone that can raise their hand that has a deliverable, we want you to connect with us, whether it's the backpacks that we're going to need, whether it's a defibrillator, containers, you have way to get things to Puerto Rico, it's about how do we connect the dots to make this as effective as possible," Diaz said.
If you'd like to connect with YNCCA to either donate supplies or volunteer, follow this link.