Nonprofits team up to give $1,000 to Bronx families

While many people are out of work and suffering during the coronavirus pandemic, two nonprofit organizations teamed up to help local families in need.

News 12 Staff

Apr 24, 2020, 8:26 PM

Updated 1,490 days ago


Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s nonprofit ‘Humanity Forward’ was looking to “put cash in people’s hands.” 
Neighborhood Trust is an organization that helps workers achieve financial wealth and freedom. The group took that money and gave $1,000 each to 1,000 Bronx families who had been working on their finances.
David Simpson was one of those Bronx residents. "It's been huge, it's helping me pay for groceries for me and my family,” says Simpson. 
He says since he had been so lucky, he wanted to pay it forward by helping out his congregation where he says his stepbrother ministers. 
"I wanted to make sure they had something to work with while this was all happening,” says Simpson. 
Humanity Forward plans to roll out more programs like this in the coming weeks. 

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