Norwood mother desperately searches for missing 12-year-old son

A Norwood mother is desperately searching for her 12-year-old son who has been missing for nearly a week.
Brigid Colon says she hasn't seen her son Ivan Rosado since Thursday. She says the day before his disappearance, his school called her to tell her Rosado passed a note to a girl saying he wanted to kill himself.
"The school called be up and said they wanted to start counseling," says Colon. "We never got to get there, he ran away."
Colon says she kept Rosado home from school Thursday with plans to meet with a counselor on Friday. But at 2 p.m., Rosado left the apartment on his scooter while his mother was in the shower.
While police continue their investigation, Colon has searched parks around the neighborhood. She says he may be with a friend.
Colon says Rosado has battled with depression and is on medication for ADHD. She says he ran away two years ago but quickly showed up back at school.
Colon says she is desperate for her son's safe return.
"Ivan's very respectful," says Colon. "Ivan's not a street kid. Ivan doesn't hang around with kids that use drugs and stuff like that. Ivan please come home, mommy misses you, mommy needs to know you're OK."
Anyone with information is asked to call police.