Norwood woman’s car broken into for the 8th time

A Norwood woman had her car broken into for the eighth time in two years.
Shattered glass was left around Genovette Rodriguez's car after the suspect broke her window Saturday and stole $1,500 worth of her son's baseball equipment from inside.
This break-in was in front of an auto body shop on Webster Avenue, right in the blind spot of the shop's surveillance cameras. One camera faces north and the other one faces south, but Rodriguez's car was right between them.
The shop has footage of a different break-in around December, and many residents believe it is the same person going around the area.
Rodriguez says her insurance premium has gone up $325 because of the consistent claims she submits. She says due to the eight break-ins, "It's cost my insurance over $2,000 in class claims in the last two years."
Rodriguez says these break-ins have had a major toll on her car and her financial situation.