Nurses call out officials for lack of proper PPE at Jacobi Medical Center

Nurses in the Bronx rallied in front of the Jacobi Medical Center emergency room in an attempt to get more personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers.
They say they are being told to wear the same equipment all day while treating every patient and they don't have some of the proper PPE like N95 masks. Nurses say they have to line up and sign out equipment only to receive one mask, one set of gloves and own gown each.
Employees at the hospital say the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lowered its standards when PPE was in short supply. They held signs saying "protect our lives so we can save yours."
On the CDC's website, it says to use a bandana when no face masks are available.
Medical providers say that nurses and hospitals are in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Center after being infected with the coronavirus.
NYC Health and Hospitals/Jacobi says in a statement: "We currently have the supplies needed for all of our staff but are fully cognizant that there is a nationwide shortage of supplies. Because of the national picture, we have taken serious measures to conserve what we do have. However, every health care worker in our system who needs PPE is able to receive what they need."
They say anyone who wants to help should call the CDC and contact the governor and mayor's office.
Nurses say along with PPE, they are also running low on other essentials like IV pumps and monitors.
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