NYCHA tenant coping with leaks and messy aftermath of ceiling collapse

NYCHA tenants in Morrisania say they're dealing with a major roofing problem in their building that's bringing leaks and has even caused at least one ceiling to collapse.
Several tenants in the building on Fulton Avenue and Claremont Parkway say they're coping with leaks inside their homes.
One tenant who asked not to be identified because of embarrassment over the situation tells News 12 that she's lived in the building for most of her life and has never seen anything like it. She invited News 12 into her home, where the room that used to be her daughter's bedroom is now a gutted, damp space where one can see the rafters.
The floor is slick with water, and the woman says that on cold days, the apartment becomes unbearably chilly.
She says when the ceiling in the room collapsed over a month ago, NYCHA workers came in to remove some material. She was under the impression they would return to patch it up, but she says nobody ever came.
The tenant says she's been playing the waiting game ever since.
In the meantime, the tenant says she's afraid the ceilings in the rest of her apartment could collapse. She says she's now faced with possibility of having to move from the building that she has called home for decades.
Several other tenants told News 12 that the problems extend to other apartments. One tenant showed News 12 her mailbox. The lock was so wet that it started rusting, and her mail comes out damp.
NYCHA said it sent workers to address the heat complaint on Sunday, and created work tickets to fix the ceiling.