NYCHA tenant says leak in ceiling not being addressed

A NYCHA resident says a leak in her bedroom has forced her to sleep in her living room with her two children.
Bianca Santana claims her concerns weren't being addressed by the housing authority. 
She currently lives in the Marble Hills Houses, a NYCHA property, in a one-bedroom apartment with her 7-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter and says a bubble began to form on her ceiling last week.
The bubble eventually popped. 
Santana says she is covering her bed with garbage bags to prevent the stench of a leak in her room from absorbing into her furniture.
She has since cleaned the mess but moved all their belongings into the living room, other than her bed and daughter's crib. 
She bought an air mattress and now sleeps in the living room with the children so they won't inhale anything coming from the bedroom.
Santana believes the leak is coming from the tenant upstairs and claims she reached out to management in her building and received the runaround multiple times.
News 12 has reached out to NYCHA, which says, "Our staff is on site and working with the residents to find the source of the leak and better provide the safe, healthy homes they deserve."