NYCHA's Campos Plaza II in Alphabet City getting a $122.6 million makeover

The federal government is planning to pump more than $122 million into the NYCHA housing complex.

Ashley Mastronardi

Feb 15, 2024, 1:52 AM

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Campos Plaza II is getting a major makeover.
The federal government is planning to pump more than $122 million into the NYCHA housing complex.
They are redoing kitchens, bathrooms - and even adding security cameras.
Christine Bookin is the president of the resident board at Campos Plaza II and reflected on the many problems she’s seen there in her 40 plus years as a resident. 
“We have backup from the sewer and the classrooms were destroyed. So, they had to remove everything, throw everything out,” Bookin told News 12 New York as she described the room she was sitting in. 
Bookin says water and sewage backup have been a major problem in other parts of the building, too.  She says other issues include unhoused people camping out in hallways and rats getting into apartments through holes, among other things. 
NYCHA recently announced a sweetheart deal for Campos Plaza II - $122.6 million in renovations.  The project will be federally funded through project-based Section 8.  Jonathan Gouveia is the Executive Vice President for Real Estate Development for NYCHA.   
“[The PACT program] delivers comprehensive repairs to thousands of apartments NYC...the roofs, the building systems, HVAC, plumbing, water, is a top to bottom comprehensive set of repairs that is going to transform the building and improve the quality of life for our residents,” Gouveia told News 12 New York. 
Bookin, who is also the president of resident board at Campos, got 72 out of 224 families to sign a survey in favor of the renovations.  She says some residents are skeptical of NYCHA since the building has been in disrepair for so long. 
“I’m not so excited about the cosmetic part of issue is behind the walls, below the floors, above the ceilings because we have some real issues here,” she said. 
Gouveia acknowledged not only the importance of physical repairs, but also the work that NYCHA must do in developing meaningful relationships with the residents who live there.  
“Every NYCHA development deserves this, I think it’s well known that our buildings are in a poor state of repair, we are working through that backlog through the PACT program and other initiatives,” he said.    The PACT partner team for this project was recently announced – that's the private development team which will be performing the renovation. 
NYCHA says construction will begin in 2025. 

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