NYPD: 2 people, including NYPD officer, found shot dead near Bronx River Parkway

Authorities say police responded to Fteley Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

News 12 Staff

Aug 2, 2023, 5:27 PM

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An NYPD officer was among two people found fatally shot at an apartment near the Bronx River Parkway, police say.
Authorities say police responded to 1306 Fteley Ave. Wednesday afternoon around 12:30 p.m. Police say a father and son were both found dead inside of an apartment. The two lived together on the fifth floor of the building, according to the superintendent of the building.
A firearm and shell casings were recovered at the scene, and both the father and son were found with gunshot wounds to the head in the same room. It has been confirmed that the firearm belonged to the NYPD officer.
The officer has been identified by multiple sources as 26-year-old Alexis Martinez. The NYPD says he is a five-year veteran of the department who worked in the Bronx narcotics division. He was an alumni of John Jay College, where he majored in criminal justice.
News 12's Heather Fordham was live at the scene as the news broke, bringing the latest on the efforts from the NYPD's investigation.
Two other injured persons were found at the scene, but the NYPD says those injuries are unrelated to the fatal shooting incident.
There is evidence that leads to this incident being a possible murder-suicide or accidental suicide. At this hour, investigators believe that the father was the one who pulled the trigger.
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