NYPD commissioner aims to lower crime rate in 3 Bronx precincts

Police Commissioner James O'Neill delivered the State of the NYPD Wednesday morning, highlighting a drop in crime areas in many precincts, but not across the Bronx.
O'Neill says the 40th, 41st and 42nd precincts in the Bronx have a crime rate twice as high as the rest of the city. He says the NYPD will continue work to change that.
"We won't rest until every block in every neighborhood enjoys the same level of safety and well-being as the rest of the city," says O'Neill.
O'Neill explained in the address that he wants to identify strategies and resources that could help bring the crime rate down to better match the rest of the city, regardless of income or demographic of the area.
In the address, O'Neill says he and the executive NYPD team will hold meetings in each of the aforementioned precincts to see how to best work toward making the neighborhoods safer.