NYPD commissioner joins faith leaders to address George Floyd's death

The city’s highest-ranking police officials joined two faith leaders in Brooklyn Wednesday

News 12 Staff

Jun 3, 2020, 10:37 PM

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The city’s highest-ranking police officials joined two faith leaders in Brooklyn Wednesday--just as the Minnesota attorney general increased charges against former police officer Derek Chauvin and charged the three other officers involved in George Floyd’s death.
News 12 was expecting Floyd’s brother, Terrence Floyd, to be in attendance but the Rev. Kevin McCall spoke on his behalf. 
News 12 was told that Terrence was feeling overwhelmed with the news of the charges and was at home with his two children. He says he wanted to just be with them and prepare for his brother's memorial in New York City tomorrow. 
The message that the reverend tells News 12 Terrence asked him to get across is that they are calling for peace and for justice for his brother -- emphasizing that you can't get one without the other.
He says Terrence is also calling for individuals who want to loot to not disrespect the name of George Floyd and do it in his name. They're calling on people to unite during this difficult time and have their voices be heard -- but in a peaceful manner. 
The reverend also thanked the NYPD for joining them in this conversation. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea also spoke out -- saying his heart goes out to the Floyd family.
"We stand with the Floyd family. We condemn what took place in Minneapolis, and I think it's much larger than law enforcement condemning any human being with a conscience that looks at that video. I think it feels the same way,” said Shea. 
George Floyd’s memorial will begin at 1 p.m on Thursday at Cadman Plaza. There will be a peaceful service in Brooklyn before people can join the Floyd family in marching across the Brooklyn Bridge over into Manhattan.

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