NYPD defends use of no-knock warrants amid scrutiny from the city

The NYPD says no-knock warrants are something it takes very seriously and that they go through an extensive review process prior to approval.

News 12 Staff

Apr 15, 2021, 10:02 PM

Updated 1,193 days ago


The NYPD is defending its use of no-knock warrants as the police tactic is now under scrutiny from the city. 
Three families are considering lawsuits against the city and its police department for bursting into their homes. 
The NYPD says no-knock warrants are something it takes very seriously and that they go through an extensive review process prior to approval. 
According to a published report, the city is calling for a review as two families in the article are eyeing lawsuits alleging that the no-knock warrants on their Queens homes were botched by the NYPD. 
During a news conference, the NYPD discussed the Queens cases that recently made headlines. Officials say all of them involved drug sales and firearms. They released a video where a 33-year-old suspect is seen shooting a woman in a domestic dispute days after police say a no-knock warrant was executed at the suspect’s home. 
The suspect is now facing attempted murder charges.
The NYPD says the department conducted over 1,800 search warrants last year that resulted in 792 firearms removed from the streets, as well as 667 incidents involving the sale of narcotics. 

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