NYPD: Off-duty officer shot in Queens, 2 men arrested

Police say the two men responsible for this incident are brothers with a history of prior arrests.

Adolfo Carrion

Aug 30, 2023, 9:24 PM

Updated 328 days ago


Police have arrested two men in the shooting of an off-duty officer in Queens.  
The incident took place at 12:54 p.m. on the Queens Boulevard service road while the off-duty officer was traveling in a personal vehicle. Police say the officer approached a white van blocking the roadway, and words were exchanged between the off-duty officer and person driving the white van.  
Officials say that a second person then ran behind the off-duty officer and smashed his window. The off-duty officer announced he was a police officer and drew his firearm, stating that the man who smashed his window was under arrest. He then called 911.
Police say the off-duty officer then got into a struggle while trying to hold down the man who broke his window as he waited for uniformed officers to arrive. They say the driver of the white van then put the off-duty officer in a chokehold. The two men attempted to take the off-duty officer's firearm, according to authorities.
Two rounds of shots were fired from the off-duty officer’s weapon as all three people were fighting. Uniformed officers arrived shortly after and apprehended one of the two suspects at the scene, bringing he and the off-duty officer to hospitals. The second suspect arrived at a hospital and was apprehended there by law enforcement. 
The off-duty police officer suffered a gunshot wound to his left thigh, and police say he is in good spirits and expected to be OK. 
Police say the two suspects are brothers – van driver 32-year-old Edwin Rivera and 27-year-old Sean Rivera.  
Both have a history of prior arrests.  

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