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NYPD steps up patrols at Black houses of worship after mass shooting in Buffalo

The NYPD stepped up patrols near houses of worship in communities of color across New York City Sunday in the wake of a mass shooting upstate.

News 12 Staff

May 15, 2022, 5:14 PM

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The NYPD stepped up patrols near houses of worship in communities of color across New York City Sunday in the wake of a mass shooting upstate.
Police say 10 people were fatally shot in a Buffalo supermarket Saturday in what they call “racially motivated violent extremism.” Investigators say the suspect traveled hours to the store, which is in a mostly Black community.
Rep. Antonio Delgado, who Gov. Kathy Hochul picked to be the next lieutenant governor, was at the scene following the attack. He says he’s been in contact with Buffalo leaders.
Delgado was at Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Crotona Park on Sunday, where parishioners attended morning service as usual.
The shooting in Buffalo was in the congregants' minds during Mass service.
"We are hurting along with them, and we are praying for them. It's just sad that people go to buy groceries, and this happens," said Selene Crawford.
Delgado said love is what's needed during these moments.
"So, it's incumbent on us to truly believe in that, who truly believe that as an article of faith to live that. Even in the hardest of times, even in the most difficult of times," Delgado said.
Although there was no immediate threat to New York City following the incident, the NYPD said they would still take precautions.
The department released a statement that says in part, “Out of an abundance of caution, we have shifted counterterrorism and patrol resources to give special attention to a number of locations and areas, including major houses of worship in communities of color."
The NYPD offered their services to the Buffalo Police Department. They said they ran backgrounds in their own databases on the shooter.
Meanwhile, messages of support to the victims poured out.
Vice President Kamala Harris saying, "Today our hearts are broken and we grieve for the victims of the horrific act of gun violence in Buffalo and for their families and friends. The second gentleman and I are praying for all those who knew and lost loved ones."
New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said in a statement, "From Brooklyn to Buffalo, New York is grieving today after yet another mass shooting stole a reported ten lives. I pray for the families who are experiencing immeasurable loss tonight."

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