Officials urge residents to follow safety advice ahead of tick season

Tick season is almost here, and local officials want to remind residents to be aware of what's latching onto their bodies when they head outside.
National studies show the Hudson Valley region has some of the highest numbers of Lyme disease - not only in the state, but also in the nation.
A map from the Lyme Disease Association shows that New York is highlighted as a place with higher risk. That's why residents are urged to check their clothes and skin after being outdoors.
The Hudson Valley is a hot spot compared to the rest of the state and even the country. That's why some residents say they're staying ahead of the curve.
"Try to have those clothes like tight at the bottom of the legs and at the end of the arms," says Aruna Pal, or Ardsley.
"I always make sure to wear long sleeves, wear pants and always check for ticks after," says New Rochelle resident Chrissy Stanionis.
Health officials also have advice when it comes to prevention and early detection.
"The chances of you attracting Lyme disease are significantly less if the tick is identified right away and removed," says Westchester County Health Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler.
It's the first 24 hours that are vital because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that is when a tick generally passes along infections.
"If you find a tick, then you want to remove the tick as soon as you can and for that you're going to need a set of tweezers with a nice edge so there's a nice sharp point. You want to grasp the tick with the tweezer on the head, apply pressure and then gently remove it because if you break the head off into your skin, it can become infected," Amler advises.
It's much more than just shooing away these unwanted bugs from one's body.
Officials advise to check one's body, clothes and pets, Shower after outdoors, wash clothes and don't just lie them on the bed or laundry, use bug spray, stay on paths and wear light clothes.
Residents are also urged not to forget about their pets to make sure they're clear of ticks so one does not have any potential disease carriers crawling in their home space.