Officials warn bar patrons, bar staff about spiked drinks during Memorial Day celebrations

Customers and staff at bars are being warned about drinks being drugged heading into the Memorial Day weekend.
Date rape drugs are hidden in plain sight. Oftentimes, they are easy to hide and hard to detect, whether its liquid, pills or powder.
As Memorial Day approaches, many bar owners are reminding customers and staff to be smart while enjoying a good time.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's Office said in Women's Health magazine that spiked drinks are used to make it easier to commit rape or sexual assault.
The Westchester County Office for Women says there are a number of things people should be looking out for when they're out drinking.
The office says having the buddy system is an important precaution to keep tabs on the safety of oneself and their friends. It says don't take drinks from car services or anyone you don't know or trust.
The office also advises to never leave a drink unattended, even if its water or soda. One final piece of advice is to also keep one's drink covered at all times. A drugged drink can be hard to detect until it's too late.
Cantina Tacos and Tequila restaurant is using a new method that first started for its to-go drinks to ensure its customers are safe. The restaurant is now equipped with a machine that seals drinks as well as drinks to go.
Most people might cover the tops of their drinks with their hands but sealing it up secures one's drink at a whole new level.