Openigloo app makes apartment hunting, landlord vetting easier throughout NYC

Tech entrepreneur Allia Mohamed came up with the idea after having issues with her landlord in Brooklyn.

News 12 Staff

Dec 8, 2020, 5:18 PM

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A new phone app helps people find better homes in New York City.
Tech entrepreneur Allia Mohamed came up with the idea after having issues with her landlord in Brooklyn.
Mohamed used to be a tenant in Park Slope. She says she was not the only one who had problems with her building.
"The heat always broke in the dead of winter. I had a neighbor with a newborn baby," she says. "I had to go stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks."
When she started her search for a new apartment, she was disappointed with the lack of resources to help her vet potential landlords.
"I started standing outside of buildings I was looking at, waiting for people to come walking in and out saying, 'Hey, do you live here? How is the landlord? Should I move in?' I really just felt there had to be a better way for this process," Mohamed says.
In August, Mohamed and her co-founder launched Openigloo, a mobile platform that uses city data and tenant reviews to help renters find better buildings and landlords. The app already has more than 300,000 building profiles.
"Type an address into the platform and you can see all the available city data on that property, and landlord open building violations, bedbug complaints, has the landlord ever been to court with the tenant, what is the infection history, and then read about what other tenants have to say about living there, how they rate the building uncleanliness, pest control, noise, landlord responsiveness," Mohamed says.
Ainura Kudaibergen, who has been using Openigloo for a couple of months, says the app has made a big difference for her.
"It allowed me to first of all, find some things that I was shocked about like open violations, and also finalize the choice that I already made, and I'm moving soon this month and that's thanks to Openigloo that that was possible," Kudaibergen says.
Mohamed says they have plans to add new features, like allowing users to post photos, and they also want to expand to other towns and cities too.

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