‘Our city needs to work for everyone’: Art Chang says NYC needs to level the playing field for children

Art Chang is hoping to be voted in as New York City’s next mayor, and he believes his humble start in the state makes him the right person for the job.
Chang was born in Atlanta to Korean immigrants during the Jim Crow era.
He was raised in Ohio before moving to New York. “I came to New York with $400 in my pocket,” Chang says. “I served under four mayors and two governors, I built Queens West, I co-created NYC Votes. I also started 12 small, small businesses here in New York City.”
He says the city’s problems dealing with anti-Asian hate crimes, safety and policing are all interconnected.
He says there needs to be universal child care to create equality for women and reduce stress for families.
Chang says the city also needs to level the playing field for children.
“Our city needs to work for everyone,” Chang says. “Our problems are interconnected.”
As mayor, Chang says he would invite the communities around the city to be able to come in and actually have a conversation.
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