Over 30K expected for Asbury Park weekend concert

A massive two-day concert in Asbury Park this weekend is expected to draw more than 30,000 visitors to the city. Combine that with a summerlike weather forecast and even more people will be taking advantage of the sunshine and beaches.
The message people in town want to get out is even if you don't have tickets for the concert, still come to Asbury Park.
The closures begin around Fifth Avenue and Ocean and go north, but there’s still a big section of the city not affected by the concert.
Many shop owners are hoping for not only the spill-over crowd, but also those squeezing in the last of the warm weather at the beach.
“The retailers down here like Rebel are open, Black Swan, us at Toast, we're all looking forward to just a beautiful weekend post-Labor Day,” says Toast owner Amy Russo.
The best way to reach the city is mass transit, such as rideshares or by NJ Transit bus or train.
Police say they don't expect any problems, but they will be out in force to keep everyone in town safe. 
“If you're not going to the concert, the town is open,” says Sgt. Mike Casey. “We have a bunch of restaurants on Main Street, Cookman Avenue, Bangs Avenue, downtown business district.”

The closures will remain in place until Sunday night. Beaches south of Fifth Avenue are open to the public.