Owner of Cloe's Corner wants to help Brooklyn professionals build their brands

A local Brooklyn woman is using her entrepreneurial skills to empower people across the city through her co-working space.
The owner of Cloe's Corner says that this is a place for empowerment and collaboration, but more importantly it's a place that will bring value to the community. After facing various hardships while growing up in East Flatbush, Cloe Luv knew that she wanted to create a different life full of variety.
"It's OK to want to do multiple things, and it's OK to do multiple things to find your footing. At first, I knew I wanted to be in the music business because my dad is a musician, and I did that, and I still do that. And that women's empowerment part has been added, and so many other things," Luv explains.
Luv says empowerment is at the core of what she does, but she has done a lot: Writing her own book, launching a record label, earning two master's degrees, charity work and now creating this co-working space Cloe's Corner.
The space helps professionals build their brands. Not just by having a space to connect to Wi-Fi, but full of production equipment for podcasts, photo shoots, videos and more.
When the pandemic hit, they had to stop having events for a while and knew that this was the time to help entrepreneurs build their brand with workshops and the resources they already had.
"It's time to step into being the best you, and if you don't know how, we're here to help you," Luv says. "So, seek out Cloe's Corner and the Cloe's Corners that empower community."
Especially during the pandemic, Luv is hoping to be the example in the community of the opportunities to come.