Parents demand end to consideration of COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students in school

Parents put pairs of shoes outside school and administrative buildings in Lindenhurst to show what would happen if schools begin to mandate COVID-19 vaccines.
"There will be a lot of children walking out of the school and not returning until they let off on the mandate," says Long Beach resident Christina Kramer.
There is also some frustration from parents over the requirement for students to wear masks in school.
The state Department of Health's Public Health and Planning Council Thursday approved renewing the emergency resolution for masks in schools, health care facilities and other places.
On Tuesday, however, Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted that "If we get to the point where we don't need masks--in schools especially--we need to get through the holidays without a spike."
If the state does that, Hochul says "I will direct the State Department of Health to look at ways to relax measures, including masks in school."
Dr. Child Ilobachie, of North Shore LIJ Valley Stream, says that masks are one of the best public health measures to reduce transmission.
He says that a new British Medical Journal study finds that mask wear can reduce COVID-19 activity by more than 50%.
"When we were dealing with the original strain, perhaps we could have gotten away with herd immunity at 70% or 75% but with delta and delta plus and other strains that come along, we have to consider that number to be a moving target and continues to rise," Ilobachie says.
The doctor says herd immunity could be reached when 90% of a community is fully vaccinated.