Park Slope business owner struggles with season of supply shortages

For months, shipping ports across the world have been tied up in a gridlock, making it harder for local bars to get items needed to keep their businesses running, like alcohol. 
Freddy’s Bar in Park Slope is one of dozens of businesses across the city being hit hard by the global supply chain crisis that’s causing a shortage of glass bottles, liquor and other items needed to keep the bar going. 
The owner, Matthew, says he normally orders a larger bottle of tequila, but because of the supply chain issues, smaller bottles are all that’s available.
He says it’s just one example of how his bar is being impacted. He says because global shipping ports are caught up in a gridlock, the demand for items needed at his bar is higher than the supply--causing prices of shipments to be inflated. 
On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced a set of immediate actions to help alleviate the network of ports, container vessels and trucking companies that move goods around the world, which includes plans to clear space for incoming freight.