Parkchester Senior Center serves as warm, fun escape for elder Bronx residents

Elderly Bronx residents braved the cold and went to the Parkchester Senior Center for hot meals and activities.
The Regional Aid for Interim Needs Inc. or RAIN has been busy keeping people safe during the frigid conditions.
Bernadette Pagan, the program director for the senior center, says senior citizens make the trip because they know they'll get a warm place to enjoy activities and get a hot meal.
Those who attended took part in games like dominoes or spent time crocheting and knitting.
Breakfast and lunch were also cooked onsite for the seniors.
Pagan says she has been surprised at the turnout during the freezing cold temperatures.
"Normally at this time of year we don't get that high volume of seniors but the last few days I have been seeing that they are coming out more and more," Pagan said.
Those who do come out, however, say there are plenty of reasons to do so.
"We come to the center because it is nice and warm and we have a lot of activities," said Iris Negron.
Pagan also says it is a place to come when they may not have working heat in their own homes.