Parkgoers question shutdown of parking spots at Rodman's Neck

Summertime in Rodman's Neck Park is on hold and people in the area are wondering why.
Residents say gatherings have been taking place in the section of the park known as "La Curvita," which means the curve, for over five decades. However, since the coronavirus pandemic happened, the city made it hard for people to return to their hangout.
Parkgoers tell News 12 the NYPD has placed cement barricades in the parking spots to thwart visitors.
Rodman's Neck is shared by the NYPD – housing both a gun range and police training facilities.
However, officers tell News 12 the barricades were installed to help enforce social distancing, saying that residents can still sit on the fields.
Meanwhile, the New York City Parks Department says: "We prioritize safety, and as stewards of the city's park land, we want to ensure our spaces are appropriately used. Rodman's Neck has been a hotspot for illegal activity and tailgating, which is not permitted in our parks."
Both Orchard Beach and Pelham Park are both open as an alternative.
Anyone who is heading out is asked to maintain social distance.