PAWS animal shelter seeks funds for 5-month-old kitten’s surgery

A 5-month-old kitten that was brought to PAWS animal shelter in Norwalk is recovering from surgery to fix its fractured and dislocated leg, and the animal shelter says it needs help with the medical bills.
Employees at PAWS in Norwalk say Simba was found with a fractured and dislocated femur, likely from being thrown or manhandled by his leg.
Feline coordinator Barrie Sesmer says the cat is resting up after a procedure that will end up costing between $7,000 and $10,000.
With up to 900 cats and dogs coming in annually - shelter officials say a surprise surgery isn't easy on PAWS' limited medical budget.
Executive director Ellen Simmonds says PAWS tries to keep medical costs down by having an in-house clinic for routine procedures.
She says having a vet on staff lets the shelter take more senior dogs and cats who might not have anywhere else to go.
For more info on the work PAWS does or to donate to help with Simba's surgery and recovery click here.