Physical therapist uses social media to help with “long COVID” issues

Brighton Beach physical therapist Danny Shapiro has made a name for himself on TikTok and Instagram to help his followers get rid of their pain.
His practice, Project Physical Therapy, opened just months before the pandemic, and since then many patients have come in regarding their COVID-related muscle pains.
“I took my physical therapy and dancing education, mixed them together to create a lot of these movements” Shapiro says.
He says that during the pandemic a lot of patients were coming in and complaining about aches and pains their bodies had that weren’t there prior to being infected with COVID-19.
“Our bodies are made to move” Shapiro says. “When we get sick, even when you live a typically sedentary life, we move even less.” Shapiro says that sedentary behavior as a big part of the pains and aches that come with sickness.