Pipe issue leaves 14 apartments without gas in Marble Hill

Residents at the Marble Hill Houses apartment complex on 5360 Broadway say they have been without gas for a month and are unaware of when service will be turned back on.
Aracelis Santiago, a tenant at Marble Hill, told News 12 that the issue is a “major inconvenience” that is “completely unsafe.”
Santiago has a son with autism who is particular about his food, which makes being without gas in her apartment even more frustrating for her family.
George Garcia, another tenant in the apartment building, says the management of Marble Hill Houses has failed to notify tenants of when they will begin working on resolving the issue.
Officials from the New York City Housing Authority say the gas interruption is affecting 14 apartments and is related to an issue with the gas riser piping. To restore gas service, NYCHA says gas needs to be shut off for repairs and inspected by the Department of Buildings for safety reasons.
NYCHA says it plans on updating affected tenants on May 3.