Police: 4 suspects attacked, robbed teen with autism

Police are searching for the four suspects who attacked and robbed a teen with autism, landing him in the hospital.
It happened on Jesup Avenue at West 172nd Street in Highbridge back on May 1. Police say the teen was holding the door open for the four people who then took it as an opportunity to beat and steal from him in his own building.
Video released by police shows the four suspects -- one of them holding a dog -- as they attack and rob the victim at his apartment complex. Police say the suspects kicked and punched the young man until he fell to the ground.
The suspects then stole his book bag and fled, according to police.
The teen suffered a broken nose and fractures in his face, and was treated at the hospital.
Officers say the suspects are not known to the victim, who lives in the building where the attack happened with his parents.
Neighbors describe the victim as a shy, nice boy. They expressed shock and sadness over the attack.
Anyone who recognizes the suspects is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.