Police: Man injured in C-Town shooting

Police say a shooting inside a C-Town grocery store on Monday left one man with three gunshot wounds on his leg and back.
Officials say the shooting happened Monday afternoon on Southern Boulevard.
Surveillance video from outside the store shows two men run in a side entrance. Moments later, another man runs in after them from across the street.
"I was told they were looking for an individual in the store and they didn't find him, and I guess they bumped heads with him in the store and just opened fire right in the middle of the supermarket," says Carlos Taveras, the store's manager.
After detectives spent three hours investigating inside, Taveras reopened the store to customers.
Police say that while there were two intended targets, one escaped unscathed. The 21-year-old wounded victim is in stable condition at Lincoln Hospital.
No customers or staff were hurt during the chaos.
Police are searching for the gunman. No arrests have been made.