Police: Man wanted for using counterfeit $20 bill at Norwood 99 cents store

Police are after a man they say assaulted an employee at a 99 cents store along East Gun Hill Road.
The employee told police a man walked into the store and tried to pay with a counterfeit $20 bill.
It happened around 3:30 p.m. Sunday.
News 12 is told a man was at the counter trying to pay for T-shirts, when he handed the employee a fake $20 bill.
Police say the employee took out a counterfeit detector pen, to check the money. When the victim realized was about to be caught, he grabbed for the $20 bill and took off with the shirts in hand, running out of the store.
The employee followed him, trying to get back the merchandise he had taken, but the suspect began to punch the employee before he ran off.
Police say the employee was treated for a laceration on his face.
The man police want to speak with regarding this incident is described as 25 to 35 years old, around 6 feet tall and has a mustache.
Anyone with information is asked to contact police.