Police museum in Suffolk County displays new exhibits in renovation

A Suffolk County police museum is getting a new look for a big milestone. 
The renovation was done for the 60th anniversary, which was in 2020.
The Suffolk County Police History Museum will only open to the public on Monday but News 12’s Danielle Campbell got a sneak peek.
Suffolk County Police Department Commissioner Stuart Cameron helped lead efforts to add new exhibits to the museum.
“I wanted to update it and I wanted to make it more technologically advanced,” Cameron says. “We put some flat panel TVs in here, which allows us to change the displays easily and show more things.”
He says some new exhibits have never before been seen by the public.
It also has displays that honoring certain officers.
Retired Detective Dennis Delaney is one of just four Suffolk County officers to be given the medal of honor Delaney raced over with Officer Anthony Pierri to a domestic violence scene where two officers were shot in 1971.
Officer Robert Staab was injured in the attack, and officer George Frees was killed.
“We did what we had to do, and we’re very fortunate that it turned out OK for Bob Stabb and unfortunately we lost George Frees,” Delaney says.
The weapon from the Amityville murders is just one of the new displays.   
The crime has been made into books and films.   
The weapon is being shown to the public for the first time in over five decades.