Police search for 2 people caught on camera stealing car

A car that was stolen from a woman outside of a church over the weekend was found in a different section of the Bronx, and police are searching for the two suspects responsible.  
On Saturday night, Valencia Tobias went for a quick drive to Mount Carmel Pentecostal Church in Allerton to drop off food.
She says she left the keys in the ignition outside of the church. 
Surveillance cameras at the church revealed two people exiting a bus on White Plains Road and Burke Avenue before stealing Tobias' white Nissan SUV.
“I think they probably saw from the bus that there was a car double parked because she was simply just dropping off chicken,” said Monique Esdaille, a church congregant. “It literally happened within minutes.” 
Tobias says that a lot more was taken from her than just her car. 
“I just lost my husband,” said Tobias. “All of his information was in my bag… the kids’ social, everything was in my bag.” 
She says retrieving those missing and irreplaceable items, like her late husband’s wallet and their marriage certificate, means much more than the car itself. 
Tobias is still holding out hope – thanks to a pair of Apple AirPods belonging to her daughter. She says that the Find My app on her daughter’s iPhone tracked the AirPods in the stolen vehicle and tracked that they were being used just this morning.  
When she arrived at the pinged location of the AirPods, the vehicle was found with flat tires and stripped of its valuables. 
Members of the Mount Carmel Pentecostal Church are offering a $500 reward to anyone who returns Tobias’ cherished items.