Police: Suspects intended to kill off-duty NYPD officer during Bronx street robbery

One man was shot and two others are on the run after they allegedly attempted to rob and kill an off-duty police officer in the Bronx Monday.
It happened on Creston Avenue and East 178th Street in Mount Hope around 4 a.m. Police say they recovered two knives belonging to one of the three suspects.
They say the three men approached Sgt. Esteban Abreu, an off-duty police officer who lives in the neighborhood, and robbed him of his cellphone. Police say during the course of the robbery, the three suspects discovered the officer's police badge. They say one of the men pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officer, while another ordered him to kill the officer, shouting "shoot him, shoot him," in spanish.
Officials say the officer reached for his gun and fired, shooting one of the 18-year-old suspects in the back. The other two suspects ran away.
Police say the suspect is expected to be OK.
Abreu was transported to Bronx Lebanon Hospital with minor injuries.
Investigators say at least two men are on the run and may be armed with a gun and knife.