Proposed Riverdale high-rise upsets residents

Some residents in Riverdale are upset over plans for a proposed high-rise.
If the zoning application is approved, the building would go up between Post Road and Broadway, just south of the overpass for the Henry Hudson Parkway.
Some levels of the building would be nine stories and other sections 11 stories.
"It would be a disaster for this neighborhood," say Kevin O'Reilly of the Broadway Community Alliance.
O'Reilly has been living on Post Road for the past 42 years. He raised his family there and now watches his grandchildren enjoy the swimming pool he put in.
He now fears that the proposed high-rise could change his backyard view forever.
"The way I'm most affected by it, I'll have nine stories towering over my backyard, basically being a total eclipse of the sun," says O'Reilly.
The plan calls for 120 units and space for a doctor's office and pharmacy.
One of the major concerns of the building is parking. Residents tell News 12 the streets are filled with cars ,and if a new building goes up, there will be less spots available for people to park.
"The parking problem will become absolutely unbearable," says O'Reilly. "One of the good features of Post Road is no alternate side parking and that's not lost on people."
The building plan is set to go before the Bronx Community Board 8 on Nov. 9.