Protesters rally at Barclays Center over outrage to leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade case

Hundreds of protesters rallied at the Barclays Center to voice their frustration over the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.
A leaked draft opinion by the Supreme Court states that the landmark case that legalized abortion could be overturned as early as next month. The historic case from 1973 legalized abortions nationwide.
Advocates are worried that if the decision is overturned it could lead to abortion bans in nearly half the states nationwide.
"I was so angry, I went back-and-forth between anger and just grief back-and-forth, I'm so mad," says Mary Bruccoli, of Windsor Terrace.
The draft, obtained by Politico, stated that there is no constitutional right to abortion and would allow individual states to more heavily regulate abortion.
"If women are going to have an equal say in this country, we need to have control of our bodies it's that simple," says Bruccoli.
Anya Tetzeli and Mari Tetzeli, of Brooklyn Heights, are mother and daughter. They say in order to be heard you need to fight and show up.
"For me as a mom I had to come out because I want her to keep coming out and you have to show up," says Mari Tetzeli.
The court is expected to make a ruling before its term ends in late June or early July.