P.S. 71 off-site proposal draws criticism from residents

Pelham Bay residents are upset at a proposal calling for an off-site extension to P.S. 71.
They say the new spot, intended for pre-K students, is a dangerous location. Parents and members of the organization "Pelham Bay Taxpayers" say they are worried about traffic and busy intersections near the school. 
They say the area is already too dense with traffic, and that building a school would congest the area even more. 
There are also safety concerns about a "supportive housing complex" near by the proposed school. 
The group says P.S. 71 is overcrowded with more than 1,700 students, and that the annex will not do enough to alleviate the problem.
The Department of Education says that the land proposed to build the school is a good location, and that it anticipates public meetings around the proposal sometime in the near future.