Public Advocate Jumaane Williams calls for legalization of to-go alcohol in New York City

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams is calling for legislation to permanently legalize to-go alcohol in New York City.  
On Friday, Williams met with restaurant owners in Brooklyn and called on the state to not only legalize to-go drinks but to create rules and regulations to help businesses.  
“It's another source of revenue to struggling restaurants and struggling bars at a time where we are doing our best to get people to go out. We're saying you have to go support these businesses but we have to help even more,” said Williams.  
Garnett Phillip, the owner of The Rogers Garden in Brooklyn, says being able to sell to-go cocktails kept his business afloat.  
"To go alcohol with the food, I'm here today because of it. It helped us so much. And to see something like that taken away right now is kind of hurtful especially when you go to other states, other countries and you see it,” said Phillip. 
If to-go alcohol is legalized in New York City, restaurants and other businesses will be allowed to sell cocktails with delivery and pick-up orders.