Queens ‘glamping’ site offers seaside oasis in NYC

A “glamping” experience in Queens is letting people escape the urban jungle and relax by the ocean.
Camp Rockaway in Rockaway Beach offers luxury tents on the beach for people looking for a quick getaway.
Kevin Noonan spent the night at Camp Rockaway as a gift from his wife and daughter for Father’s Day.

“It’s been fun, it’s been different. And just camping out in the tent, in the teepee last night with the weather, and the rain and all of that was neat because we knew we were totally safe and it was really fun to be in the elements like that,” says Noonan.
Noonan also said he appreciated how spacious the tent was and how well constructed everything was.
“We just hope there’s space the next time we want to come back, quite frankly is all we’re worried about,” says Noonan.
As someone who lives in Manhattan, Noonan says it is nice to escape to somewhere so close, but also so different to where he lives.
“We’re very happy that it’s so close by because the other beaches don’t offer this kind of beauty that you can get to commuting-wise on the subway from Manhattan, so it’s really quite a special place for sure,” says Noonan.