Rallies held across the nation for increased voting rights after Freedom to Vote Act is introduced

Just days after the Senate introduced the Freedom to Vote Act, people rallied throughout the nation for increased voting rights. 
The act would make Election Day a federal holiday while requiring every state to have automatic voter registration. It would also allow eligible citizens to request a mail ballot and be able to drop it off at a secure mailbox. 
Supporters say this would make it easier for millions of citizens to cast their ballot. A rally on Friday in Manhattan was one of just several rallies going on throughout the nation as people continue to push for the passing of the Freedom to Vote Act. 
It took place in front of Federal Hall, which is where George Washington took his oath as president. 
The bill’s fate will be decided over the next few weeks as the Senate takes a vote. 
News 12 reached out to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for comment and has not heard back yet.