Rally protests NYC vaccine mandate as thousands of city employees return to work

Thousands of city employees returned to work in-person Monday, with no option of remote or hybrid schedules. 
Some employees, including those with an organization called Teachers for Choice, are raising concerns about vaccine mandates. Hundreds of members of the group gathered outside of Foley Square. 
They gathered to speak out on the vaccine mandates being imposed by the president and the city for city workers. They believe it’s an infringement of their basic human rights. 
City employees and New Yorkers held up signs that said, “My Body My Choice," “I Will Not Comply” and “End Medical Tyranny.” 
They say they’re fighting for their medical autonomy. Teachers for Choice founder Michael Kane is a public school teacher who says he is against teachers like himself being forced to get vaccinated. 
During a press conference on Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked about the pushback he’s receiving regarding the vaccine mandate for educators. He says that it was time and that people need their public servants back at work in a full-time capacity.