Rep. Goldman urges Biden administration to give temporary protective status for 5 countries

Goldman asked for El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua and Guatemala to be designated with temporary protective status as the migrant influx continues.

Rob Taub

Jun 22, 2023, 9:23 PM

Updated 337 days ago


Rep. Dan Goldman on Thursday urged the Biden administration to designate temporary protective status to five countries as migrants continue to seek asylum.
Goldman, assisted by labor and business leaders, asked U.S. officials to redesignate statuses for El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua and Guatemala. “We are in desperate need of doctors and scientists,” said Goldman. “That is part of the reason why comprehensive immigration reform is so necessary, is to increase the pathway for visas to allow workers of all backgrounds to fill labor shortages, work shortages and help our economy."
As the influx of migrants in New York City continues, Goldman added the designation would provide relief for many people while also providing help with the current labor shortage.

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