Repairs underway to Ortley Beach after Memorial Day weekend storm severely eroded sand, dunes

Repairs are currently underway to the severely eroded sand and dunes in Ortley Beach following the Memorial Day weekend storm.  
The township of Toms River spent about $150,000 to add sand because there was no beach left after the February storm.
The holiday weekend storm washed away that repair. So, the town contracted Earle Asphalt to once again bring in the heavy equipment and dump sand in areas where there is simply no beach left. 
Even today with Northeast winds, the waves still come up to the dune cliffs.  
Toms River Mayor Mo Hill says he hoped to get the beaches back open around June 20 to coincide with school letting out. But right now, only the southern entrance to Ortley Beach is accessible.  
All the work follows a complete multimillion-federal tax dollar funded beach restoration from about two years ago.
So far, Toms River budgeted just over $400,000 for the intermediate repair before the feds return in 2022.