Residents calls for renovation of outdated park

Bronx residents are calling for city officials to modernize a beloved neighborhood park that was established in 1956.
They say Virginia Park, which is situated on White Plains Road near Westchester Avenue, has been kept clean but is outdated because it has not been renovated in many years.
Officials say the park's playground was renovated in 1993, and its walkways upgraded in 1996.
A man told News 12 that he remembers the park's benches from childhood, which was decades ago.
Many people say that they often use the park's walkways as a shortcut, and that the paths are very dark due to limited lighting.
However, some residents say the park used to be far worse than it is now. They say they've endured high crime days, which has subsided due to increased police presence.
News 12 reached out to Councilwoman Annabel Palma who says she's looking forward to working with the Parks Department. Palma also says she will be allocating capital funding in the upcoming fiscal year to renovate Virginia Park.