Residents push back against DOT's proposed safety plan for Southern Blvd

The Department of Transportation proposed Monday its plan to rectify safety issues on Southern Boulevard, but residents are pushing back.

The department proposed Vision Zero Priority Corridor, a plan it says will improve safety, reduce congestion and create bike lanes on Southern Boulevard from Mosholu Parkway to East 182nd Street.

"While we don't oppose any of the Vision Zero implementations to make the streets safer, we do question why they have to take out 82 parking spots on Southern Boulevard for bike lanes, thereby reducing Southern Boulevard to one lane in each direction for certain parts of the day," said resident Frank Franz.

With the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Garden in the area, residents say parking and traffic is bad as it is.

The agency says to help build the bike lanes from East 182nd Street to East Fordham Road, it will reduce the width of the car lanes. It believes this will reduce speeding, illegal U-turns and other unsafe behavior.

It will also prohibit parking from East 182nd Street to East Fordham Road from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The DOT is in the process of doing community outreach to gather community input, but residents say they do not believe their concerns are being heard.

Community Board 6 will vote on Wednesday.

News 12 has reached out to the DOT and is waiting to hear back.