Residents try to solve mystery of who cleared Van Nest lot of trees

Residents in Van Nest have been left scratching their heads after a large piece of land was cleared of all its trees, but nobody knows who did it.
The 82,000-square-foot lot in question is just off of White Plains Road and was full of trees only a month ago.
Residents contacted both Community Board 11 and the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance seeking answers.
“I was amazed because this land has not been touched for 60-plus years and it was sort of a real landscape changer," said Bernadette Ferrara, president of the Van Nest Neighborhood alliance
“What's going on is what we want to know, so who did this, why did they do this and what do they want to do going forward?,” said Jeremy Warneke, district manager of Community Board 11, "People in the community always want to know what's going on therefore shouldn't they have some type of say?"
Councilman Ritchie Torres’ office says it will look into the matter.
His office said in a statement, “We understand the trees are important to the community, and our office will try to determine who cut down these trees and why."